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At Jonny B's Brickhouse of Jamestown, ND, you'll get a wide array of branded beers. What's more — we have 24 beers on tap from surrounding areas and many varieties by the bottle to gratify your thirst. Sip your favorite beer and enjoy your leisure after a tiring day at our restaurant. Call 701-952-8777 today!


If you're searching for quality and affordable restaurant in South Jamestown, ND, look no further. All our prices are affordable at our restaurant and won't break the bank. Treat yourself with, lunch, starters, pizzas, beer and more. Get in touch with us today!

24 Beers on Tap!

Jonny Bs Brickhouse_Jamestown_ Beer on tap_ Drink Jonny Bs Brickhouse_Jamestown_ Beer on tap_ Drink_

Enjoy your favorite drink with your delicious meal. From domestic beer to premium quality imported beers and wines, you'll get them all at our restaurant. Surprisingly, for a price you'll simply love.

Jonny Bs Brickhouse_Jamestown_ Beer on tap_ Drink_ Jonny Bs Brickhouse_Jamestown_ Beer on tap_ Drink_

Pocket-friendly restaurant

We have 4 unique beers from Schell Brewery including some one time only brews that you’ll never have an opportunity to try again!  

Once their gone they are gone for good!


Local and Regional Beers


Forbidden Hot Chocolate        

Made with Forbidden Secret White Chocolate Liquor

Fireball Hot Apple Cider          

Made with Fireball Whiskey and Cinnamon Apple Cider

Gluhwein (German Mulled Hot Wine)  

Hot spiced wine with citrus, clove, and cinnamon (Smells as good as it tastes!)           


The Only Question is which brew will you choose from our wide range of craft and domestic taps.

Beer and Pizza are

the World’s Greatest Pairing

Our freshly cooked fries and cheesy pizzas with your favorite drink will pamper your taste buds instantly. Relish crunchy starters, pizzas, beer, drinks and more. Satisfy your appetite with mouth-watering delicacies today!